Friday, 25 April 2008

We have Post-Off! Space Mail Enroute...

I started out doing this piece for fun but it turned into something else and I think it'll look great on my envelopes... a more personal touch to sending out promotional material with my own stationary art. I really love all that whole post-war classic retro sci-fi aesthetic, it's so much more fun and optimistic, the innocence of the genre in a way. I plan to do futher illustrations like this and Return to Planet Bowie... ...that doesn't actually mean I'll be returning to planet Bowie... I'll shut up now.

1 comment:

Nish said...

Return to planet bowie, I like that, lol! I get your drift ;) I love the space mail tag to it and the nasa like fonts, very nice. I think the space mail logo works really nice with the idea tying into having it on the envelope!

hoped you're doing well! talk to you soon :)